Commercial air conditioning
[hero_unit title=”What we offer” text=”We have the infrastructure, proven expertise and resources to provide chiller and all other HVAC equipment rehabilitation, repair and replacement services via our in house experienced professional staff and network of approved agency contractors and suppliers to meet and deliver our Clients expectations and objectives.” btn_text=”About Us” btn_link=”about-us” btn_style=”default” btn_size=”large” target=”_self” custom_class=”hero-unit__style-1″]
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[banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/iStock_000074597149_Medium-300×300.jpg” banner_link=”/solutions/” title=”Solutions” text=”With an emphasis on economical building solutions, every site, large or small, is treated with the same attention to programming and efficiency resulting in high quality work delivered within agreed contractual timeframes and budgets.” btn_text=”more info” target=”_self” custom_class=”banner-wrap__style-1 banner-wrap__color-1″]
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[banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/iStock_25714224_MEDIUM-300×300.jpg” banner_link=”/our-team/” title=”Our Team” text=”Above all else, Inter-Chillers foundations remain firmly rooted in our people, a team of highly skilled professionals working closely together at every level ensuring a continued and sustainable level of exceptional service for all of our valued clientele.” btn_text=”more info” target=”_self” custom_class=”banner-wrap__style-1 banner-wrap__color-2″]
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[banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Chiller-Craneage-059-300×300.jpg” banner_link=”/our-projects/” title=”Projects” text=”With an enviable track record of over 200 new chiller and cooling tower installations over recent years Inter-Chillers enjoys continued invitations from most leading mechanical consulting companies, building owners and property management professionals.” btn_text=”more info” target=”_self” custom_class=”banner-wrap__style-1 banner-wrap__color-3″]
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[banner img=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/iStock_89487861_MEDIUM-300×300.jpg” banner_link=”/disciplines/” title=”Disciplines” text=”Inter-Chillers is able to provide a number of professional services and strives to meet short timeframes and turnarounds. These services include, but are not limited to: chiller repairs & maintenance, commercial & general HVAC services, controls, energy management…” btn_text=”more info” target=”_self” custom_class=”banner-wrap__style-1 banner-wrap__color-4″]
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